The Coolest Looking Frisbee Golf Discs You Will Ever See

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I just got to see the coolest looking Frisbee Golf Discs I have ever seen. Discraft has a new “full foil” disc style that looks just amazing. While most frisbee golf manufacturers hot stamp foil on discs, Discraft makes the entire disc FOIL! This enables it to sparkle and shine with different light. Basically, these things just look amazing. I’m not sure how durable they are when thrown, but at $27 a disc, not sure many people will actually be throwing them.

Not only is the full foil amazing, but as 2019 Ledgestone Insurance Open fundraisers, these frisbees also have some sick bee themed stamps.  Because they are highly sought after by disc collectors, these discs will be hard to get your to find.  There are currently seven limited bee edition Buzzz’s available.

Leafcutter Bee
Bumble Bee

 Franklin’s Bumble Bee
 Killer Bee
 Honey Bee
 Digger Bee
 Robot Bee

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  1. Hey, my name is Noah. I absolutely love the look of your discs. I recommend them to my friends and family all of the time. I was just wondering if there was any way you could send a sample email disc my way. That would be awesome! Thanks for your time!

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