Black Friday Frisbee Golf Deals

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Do you love Black Friday Deals?

Do you, or a loved one of yours love Frisbee Golf?

This is your guide to Black Friday Disc Golf Deals. This post will be updated as we find out more deals, but here is what we know so far.

Mystery Deals Boxes

One of the best ways to get a lot of plastic for your dollar is with a mystery or deals box. Here are a couple of the ones I recommend.

Discraft Mystery Box

The Discraft Mystery Box is by far the most screamin’ Black Friday disc golf deal in all of disc golf. You get a pack of 10 discs (mostly misprints, but often some collectible discs too) for about $5 each.

Infinite Deals Box

While the value isn’t quite as impressive as the Discraft Mystery Box, the quality is better, especially if you aren’t a friend of Discraft frisbee golf discs. The fun thing about this box is that you are guaranteed a variety of discs from a variety of different brands. The Infinite Deals box is also designed to be a “move up pack” from a starter set and guarantees you a putter, midrange,  understable driver, and overstable driver to give you a full bag of frisbee golf options.

7 Premium Plastic Discs – $62.99

Individual Frisbee Doorbuster Deals

Infinite Discs has black friday deals all week long featuring a different disc manufacturer each day.

I-Blend Discs – $9.99. For all of black Friday weak. I-Blend is my favorite disc golf plastic for drivers. It is soft and grippy and glides sooo far.

Trilogy Day – Thursday. 
Infinite Discs will have select Premium Plastic Frisbee golf discs on  sale $9.99 — That’s nearly 50% off! These include glow and MyDye discs that retail for nearly $20.

Discraft Day – Tuesday
Titanium Plastic Discs – $10.99
The discs that will be on sale include the Buzzz, Force, Vulture, Comet, Zone, Predator and more. Paul Mcbeth, the #1 ranked disc golfer in the world will be throwing Discraft for the 2019 season so this is a great opportunity to try out some of these discs.

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