Rovic Frisbee Golf Cart

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I got a chance to test out the new Rovic RV1D disc golf cart. This is a great way to carry around all the discs you want, without all that weight on your back. It’s a pretty good set up. Check out some pictures for this cart here:

The umbrella holder on this cart is legit. I can stand up full height and be protected from the rain hands free! One of the most annoying things during a rainy disc golf round is having to put your umbrella down to throw or putt. With this, your umbrella is always up. 

The handy “cell phone” holder parket is the perfect place to store your phone, keys, mini marker disc, or some hot hands for those cold fall disc golf rounds.

The cart contains a seat for those slow tournament rounds where you just want to sit down during the slow backups. The way this seat works is a little bit different as the seat is suspended by the wheel support. It only actually sits on the ground, and supports your weight once the bottom touches the ground like a one leg stool.

The seat is an optional accessory that is not included in the $199 price.

Another optional accessory is the cooler bag. This has a built in cooler that will hold your lunch, extra beverages, a few discs, or anything else giving you lots of storage to bring whatever you want on your disc golf round.

On the top right you can see the green yellow by the handlebar that acts as the brake. When down, this ensures that your cart and disc golf bag are not going to roll down the hill.

As you can see from this seemingly unnecessary wheel cover, this cart is modified from a traditional golf push cart, Rovic is a company that also makes carts for ball golf. 

And that’s the whole fancy setup. If you want to get lots of compliments on the course, pick up a Rovic RV1D cart today.

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