A Brief History of the Word “Frisbee”

No ratings yet. Have you ever read that word, “Frisbee,” and thought, “Where did that word come from?” It is a weird looking and weirder sounding word that doesn’t seem to have any traditional Latin or Germanic roots that have anything to do with a round flying disc. The beginnings of the Frisbee are believed…Read moreRead more

What is the Difference Between a Frisbee and a Disc?

No ratings yet. Technically, there is no difference between a “Frisbee” and a disc, but the way these terms are commonly used mean different things. Simply put, a Frisbee is a type of disc, and if you read the first article in the FAQ section you learned there the colloquial difference between a frisbee and…Read moreRead more

Can I Play Frisbee Golf With a Regular Frisbee?

No ratings yet. While it may not be ideal, the short answer is, “Yes.” In fact, when Frisbee Golf was originally invented “regular frisbees” or “lids” is what everyone used. However, the game has evolved. Disc manufacturers over the years have been perfecting the art of making discs exclusively for disc golf. There are multiple…Read moreRead more