Does frisbee golf plastic type really matter?

Nicks and WEar in Inexpensive Disc Practice

5/5 (3) Different Plastic Types When shopping online for frisbee golf discs, you’ll quickly notice that there are several different varieties of plastic, and that the prices vary substantially between these different plastic blends. The question arises, do the plastic types really matter? Does it make a difference? Are the more expensive blends worth the…Read moreRead more

Distance: Timing Is More Important Than Run Up

No ratings yet. New Frisbee Golf players are always looking to get more distance. They typically try to “throw harder” to get more distance, which generally doesn’t help. This article discusses why getting your timing and weight shift synced is much more important to get distance than is running or throwing hard. The large majority…Read moreRead more

Tips for Playing Frisbee Golf in Winter

No ratings yet. Are the cold days of winter keeping you away from your beloved Frisbees? While Frisbee Golf is a summer sport, it’s also one that can be fully enjoyed in the winter. Here are a few tips for winter play: 1. Invest in Hand Warmers  If you are going to play cold rounds…Read moreRead more