Distance: Timing Is More Important Than Run Up

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New Frisbee Golf players are always looking to get more distance. They typically try to “throw harder” to get more distance, which generally doesn’t help. This article discusses why getting your timing and weight shift synced is much more important to get distance than is running or throwing hard.

The large majority of the power that translates to long disc golf drives comes from arm speed, maximized by hip/torso/shoulder rotation. The ‘run-up’ adds only marginally to that equation, resulting in between 5-15 percent more distance. And that’s only IF (and it’s a big ‘if’) everything is coordinated and timed perfectly. Yet the run-up seems so necessary to power generation that nearly all developing players incorporate it into their drives from the very beginning. And that is usually a big mistake. It

Source: Think a run-up always equals more distance in disc golf? Not so fast! | School of Disc Golf

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