Is MVP “Gyro” Technology Real?

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Frisbees manufactured my MVP Disc Sports use what they call “gyro technology.” Rather than just use a single plastic mold like most other disc manufacturers, MVP uses a heavier, more dense plastic on the rim than the plastic used on the flight plate (center of the disc). This supposedly helps  these discs fly farther.

Here is an interesting article where a player used “science” to figure out if the supposed Gyro technology is real. This article doesn’t really figure out if it makes a difference in distance or accuracy gained in your frisbee golf throws, but, at least for this one example, it does prove that Gyro technology does provide heavier weight distribution in the outer rim than single mold discs (although the difference is rather minimal).

This is a fun study and either way it’s fun to throw both MVP and Innova frisbees.

But for the sake of science, and to see if my gut instinct about MVP was true, I decided to order a couple of discs in the same weight, category, and rough dimensions. Also MVP is all about science, so I figured it would be a good experiment, for science! The contestants: 175g Proton Axiom Defy, 175g Proton MVP Photon, 175g Champion Innova Destroyer, 175g Champion Innova Wraith

Source: Gyro Over-mold vs Single-mold

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