Frisbee Golf’s Million Dollar Impact on Central Pennsylvania

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Who knew that Frisbee Golf could such have a massive economic impact?

This week is the Professional Disc Golf Association’s annual Amateur World Championship. Hundreds of Disc golfers from all over the United States, and several other countries throughout the world are gathered in PA for a week long event. Many of these disc golfers bring family members and significant others with them who will in turn pay for hotel rooms, restaurants, transportation, and shopping at local businesses. According to this article by the York Daily Record, this disc golf even will bring more than One Million Dollars to the local economy.

Over 700 competitors from 11 countries have flooded into central Pennsylvania for the PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships.

The weeklong event is taking place on 10 courses: seven in York County, two in Lancaster and one Cumberland County. The championships conclude on July 27.

“Central Pennsylvania is a hidden gem. Usually the Amateur World Championships are played in big cities, like next year, it’s in Orlando, and last year, it was in Charlotte. But the disc golf community around here is growing exponentially,” said co-tournament director Jason Armstrong.

The competitors are broken up into divisions that take skill set, gender and age into consideration. It’s estimated that during the week of the championships, over $1 million will be pumped into the local economy.

Read full article here: PDGA Disc Golf Championships bring estimated $1M to central Pa.

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