5 Ways to Get Cheap Frisbee Golf Discs

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Do you love trying new discs? Do you love great value?

This article is devoted to providing tips of how to find super cheap Frisbee golf discs. The only thing better than getting a beautiful new golf disc in the mail, is knowing that you didn’t pay very much for it. Here are my favorite ways to get golf discs for cheap:

  1. Misprints
  2. X-Outs
  3. Deals Boxes
  4. Mystery Discs
  5. Bulk Purchases

1. Misprints

Misprinted Frisbee Golf DiscPurchasing misprints is my personal favorite way to get cheap discs. Most disc golf manufactures produce discs and then use a foil hot stamping machine to place the disc name, logo, description, and sometimes a picture on them. In addition to the normal “stock stamp,” manufacturers often run special edition stamps with unique artwork or for individual disc golf tournaments or fundraisers.

The reality is that hot stamping is pretty old technology. With all the different variances in disc size, plastic type, dome, etc, getting the hot stamp on just right is more of an art than it is a science. Every time a new disc mold is placed on the hot stamp machine for stamping, the old hot stamp machines need to be readjusted to ensure that the stamp will print cleanly.

Because of all these manual variations that need to be made when hot stamping discs, a good number of errors happen where “drop out” occurs and the foil does not properly bond with the plastic. Every time this happens, the disc is considered “blemished” and must be sold as a misprint rather than at regular price.

Misprint discs have nothing wrong with them, other than their stamp on top. The initial plan for these discs was to sell them at full price, but because of an error while stamping, you can get a better deal on a great frisbee.

Sometimes these misprints make the disc even more unique, rare, and desirable. I once saw a misprint Paul McBeth Luna sell for over $100 on an auction site!

Where to buy Misprint Discs:

  • Infinite Discs offers a large selection of misprint discs on their website sold by many of the major frisbee manufacturers. Buy Misprints Here
  • Discraft offers bulk misprint sets on their website. Buy Discraft Misprints Here

2. X-Outs

Like Misprints, X-Out discs are sold at a discounted price because of some sort of imperfection. The difference between X-Outs and Misprints is that the X-Out issue took place during the manufacturing process. These typically involve errors with coloring, bubbling, minor warping, or foreign substances that get in the plastic during the production run.

Most manufacturers mark these as “X-Outs” or “Factory Seconds.” If a manufacturing error is major, discs will simply be melted and recycled. When the manufacturing errors are minor they are are generally stamped as X-Outs, F2’s(Factory Seconds), or Grinders and sold at a discounted price.

Where to buy Factory Second X-Out Frisbee Golf Discs:

  • Infinite Discs has a huge selection of X-Out discs from many of the major disc golf brands. Buy Factory Second X-Outs Here
  • Innova has a large quantity of factory seconds available for individual consumer purchase on the factory store website: Buy Innova X-Outs Here

3. Deals Boxes

Several disc golf companies create bundle packages of frisbee golf discs at ultra low prices. These discs packages are perfect if you are just getting into disc golf and want a large variety of discs to try on the cheap. The disadvantage of these Deals or Mystery discs is that, you have no idea what discs you are going to get. If you’re looking for a specific disc, or type of disc, purchasing a mystery box is not the best way to go, and you will likely be disappointed because you won’t get exactly what you are looking for.

Where to buy Mystery Boxes

The Infinite Discs deals box options are very fun because you get a variety of discs from multiple disc manufacturers. This is a great way to try out new brands and explore the different plastic types.

Discraft, Dynamic Discs, and Dynamic Discs also offer different mystery box options, but often only have them availabe, or at a low price at certain times of the year.

4. Mystery Discs

As a more affordable take on the Mystery Box concept, Infinite Discs offers a mystery disc option add on on each order for just $12, with no shipping cost. The main catch here is that you don’t get to pick the mystery disc, but these discs are always premium plastic discs from among the most popular molds. In some instances you save up to $8 by purchasing a Mystery add on.

5. Bulk Disc Purchases

The last way to get frisbee golf discs for really cheap is to make bulk purchases. As long as you purchase at least 25 discs you can often get wholesale rates. As a reseller, you are able to get discs at wholesale price which in some cases can be less than $10 per disc. While the large disc golf manufacturers won’t allow you to make wholesale purchases unless you actually are a retailer, here are some of the brands that may allow you to make a frisbee golf purchase at wholesale rates:

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