Frisbee Golf World Championships

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This is arguably the biggest week for Professional Frisbee Golf. While there are many big tournaments where most of the top pros attend, the World Championships is the only event where the winner will receive the exclusive World Champion title.

This years World Championships is happening in Peoria Illinois. The top disc golfers from around the world play one round of 18 holes each day, for five consecutive days. The #1 player in the world Paul McBeth is a 4X World Champion Paul McBeth is the favorite to win again this year, but other contenders will likely include 2X World Champion Ricky Wysocki, up and comers Eagle McMahon and Kevin Jones, as well as the defending champion Greg Barsby.

While the Frisbee Golf World Championships are not broadcast on television, live and post production broadcasts are available on Youtube. If you’ve never watched professional Frisbee Golf before, this is a great opportunity to be amazed at how the best of the best can throw Frisbees. Here are some links to watch the coverage:


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  1. Hello, I miss the game with a passion, got about 20yrs playing this wonderful game, just one day I started taking care of my folks and stopped working to do this (roofing), for almost 20yrs, well the LORD has them now but I’m still taking care of two persons here in my home but not as intense, I been working a little now so half of me still taking care and half of me working a little. I love watching online the Tournaments as much as possible, I would play with my brother or alone or with strangers at Whittier Narrows or La Mirada, will start playing again.

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