Why The Discraft Kong is Now The Zeus

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The most popular golf disc of 2019, the Discraft Kong, is now named the Zeus?

Why the change? What’s wrong with the name Kong?

Try doing an Amazon or Ebay Search for “Kong Frisbee”

You will find that the “Kong” is a name already used for a durable flying catch toy for dogs.

Rumor has it that the company that makes the Kong dog Frisbee has sued Discraft for using the name of their popular toy. To avoid a costly lawsuit, Discraft has taken the high road and decided to simply change the name of the disc. Fortunately for Discraft, no Kongs have been made (to our knowledge) that actually display Kong on them. They all just say “Paul Mcbeth Prototype.”

Discraft’s official response to the reason for the name change is that it was part of the “prototype process” and that the “King of the Sky” is bigger than the king of the apes. Read full response here.

Regardless of the reason for the name change, these are still great and popular Paul McBeth signature discs.


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