Discmania Active Line Discs Available Now

Discmania Yikun Discs
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The least expensive Frisbee Golf Discs on the market are now available as part of the Discmania Active Line. These discs are manufactured in China by Yikun Disc Sports.

Thus far, all discs in the Discmania Active Line are available only in a base plastic. I got a chance to feel these discs yesterday and they are a nice soft grippy blend, much softer than traditional Innova DX or Discraft Pro-D plastic. The Fox Spirit was surprisingly stable and flew with a consistent fading finish. These discs are so inexpensive, they are worth testing out for sure. The Sun Crow driver sounds like an ideal starter disc and is perfect for someone just starting out at Frisbee Golf.

The initial five Active Line discs currently available include the Guardian Lion putter, Spring Ox Midrange, Fox Spirit Fairway Driver, Sun Crow Understable Driver, and Sea Serpent Distance Driver.



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