Lucky Discs for St. Patricks Day

Innova Lucky Disc Golf Aviar
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Sometimes its fun to get lucky in disc golf.

Have you ever had a Lucky Ace?

Most of the aces I’ve ever had happen on accident. I don’t normally go for holes in one because if you don’t hit the basket (which is the most likely scenario) you are likely landing way to deep which greatly reduces the probability of hitting the put and scoring a birdie. In disc golf, it feels really good to get Lucky.

Innova Champion Discs, the #1 frisbee golf manufacturer, has just released a series of “Lucky Discs.”

This is a great way to make disc golf even more fun as you’re hoping to get make a lucky shot go in the basket. Every time you throw your lucky disc, you can say, “It’s time to get Lucky!”

This years Lucky edition is green and white DX aviars. Buy lucky discs for sale here.

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