On Sale Golf Discs

Latitude 64 Saint

White Saint

No ratings yet. The Saint is a fantastic straight flying driver that provides intermediate players with more distance. The flight path of this disc has a slight “S curve” with a slightly overstable net result. When thrown with power it has a fairly significant turn followed by a fairly moderate fade. This disc is recommended…Read more

Legacy Ghost

Yellow Ghost

No ratings yet. The Ghost is an overstable midrange disc with a healthy amount of glide. While it was designed to be a “straight flying” disc, The Ghost comes with a substantial low speed fade. This disc is good for accurate approach shots, just make sure to account for the hooking flight pattern. The Ghost…Read more

Vibram Ridge

Pink and blue Ridge

No ratings yet. The Vibram Ridge is one of the best disc golf putters made, regardless of manufacturer. This is a straight flying, accurate disc that comes equipped with an excellent disc. If you’re looking to make more putts, then the ridge is one you want to consider. Like all Vibram discs, the Ridge is…Read more