Remix Ronan

Remix Sports Ronin Disc Golf Driver
2.8/5 - (33 votes)

The Remix Ronan is an overstable fairway drive with a moderate rim width that works well for experienced players, forehand throws, and windy conditions.  The Ronan has a flight similar to discs like the Innova Thunderbird. This disc is available in premium plastics that are unique from those created by the major disc manufacturers. Not much is known about the Remix brand, but based on the Chinese artwork a logical guess would be that these discs are manufactured in China.

2 throughts on "Remix Ronan"

  1. Love this disc. Nicknamed “China Doll”. cause it has a reliable curve more so than the other discs I’ve tried in the same genre: Valkryie , Katana, Beast , Teebird and Mentor. Kiwi.
    Bought it off Amazon uninformed. Glad I did. Got me thru the Driver learning phase and I still bring it along when playing with only 6 discs. Great fairway driver. Plays nice in the sandbox with the 2 others I use from Westside: King and Sword. Fits in between but better for shaping a shot with.

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