Grand Opening Sale

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For the month of January, the most popular discs on the market will be at rock bottom prices! This is the official grand opening sale of Discs which will be featured in this sale are discs which have received the highest of over 1,200 user ratings, and will be taking Infinite Discs already low prices even lower.

[box type=”shadow”]All products which are on sale by Infinite Discs can be found here:

Infinite Discs Grand Opening Sale


Though Infinite Discs had their official launch in November, this sale is heralded as the grand opening. “Grand Openings aren’t what they use to be. Often times a restaurant will have a ‘soft launch’ as they test their service and iron out all of their kinks. It is the exact same with us. We’ve had a successful test run, and now we’re ready to get more product out and really sell some inventory. It’s our goal to get the most discs out for the lowest cost because we just want to grow the sport,” said Alan Barker, owner of Infinite Discs.

Infinite Discs has also stated that they will continue to do sales on a monthly basis, but they expect this sale to have the best prices on discs which are in constant high demand. “If you’re looking for a good deal on a disc which needs to be ‘in your bag’ then right now is unquestionably the best time to buy,” Barker said. “So many people get into disc golf in the first place because they were able to pay for free, and the equipment was relatively cheap. We’re just adding to the affordability of disc golf.”

Will the sale include any newly released discs such as Prodigy or Dynamic Discs? Infinite Discs is looking to be one of the first 100 retailers which will be allowed to sell Prodigy Disc, and does not have enough data on Dynamic Discs at this point to see if Dynamic will fit into the category of “highest rated.”

Discs will be sold until they are out of stock. Customers whose orders can not be completed exactly as requested will be first contacted to see if they would like an alternative (postpone order until it is in stock, or exchange with different weight and color of exact models). Other questions can be answered here: Infinite Discs Terms of Use

** The Grand Opening Sale ends on January 31, 2013

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