Cheapest Beginner Set – Infinite Discs Starter Set

Infinite Discs 2 Disc Starter Set
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If you are looking for the least expensive beginner disc golf set, this is it! This ultra affordable pack includes two very inexpensive discs of differing stabilities, for less than $17. It’s kind of like getting a buy one get one free on frisbee golf discs. The pack includes a premium plastic I-Blend Sphinx Driver, and a stable flying midrange/putter Hybrid D-Blend Tomb.

Best Value Frisbee Golf Set

Why is the Infinite Discs set the best value disc golf set?

Unlike most starter sets that use low grade plastic, the Sphinx driver is a high quality polymer blend that provides superior grip and is built to last. This plastic is similar to Innova Star plastic which has a retail price of $17.99. The amazing thing about this set is that you get the driver, and a putter/mid crossover disc for less than the normal price of just the driver. This starter set doesn’t come in fancy packaging or boxes and so the savings is passed onto you the consumer!

Where to Buy

The Infinite Discs set is available at these locations: – The World #1 Marketplace 


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