Best Speed 13 Drivers

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High speed drivers are highly sought after discs. Every disc golfer wants to throw faster and farther. However, speed 13+ discs aren’t for players without powerful arms. For this reason, many high speed discs actually have relatively low ratings as inexperienced players are never satisfied with them. Overall, the more understable high speed drivers have better ratings than the more overstable discs.

With that said, here are the top rated high speed drivers according to the  ratings provided by our reviewers. If you know your arm is big enough to handle a “Speed 13” disc, here are the best ones to consider:

Latitude 64 Bolt – The Bolt by Latitude 64 is considered an “understable” driver. This disc does have a high degree of Latitude 64 Bolt - Speed 13 Distance Driverturn, but a relatively big fade, so many intermediate players won’t see any understableness of this disc. When it comes to pure glide and distance, the Bolt does the job. While this disc has only three votes, all voters say it is a “must have” 5 stars.
[quote]Jason Says:

If you have a wide open field and need some serious distance, the Bolt may be what you are looking for. The Latitude 64 Opto plastic is the most durable plastic I have ever used. Latitude 64 Gold plastic, typically a little less stable, is the most beautiful plastic I have ever seen. You can’t go wrong with either plastic![/quote]
Latitude 64 Havoc –   The overstable Havoc is reported as very consistent and highly recommended for forehand throws. From 3 votes, the Havoc has a 4.67 rating.
[quote]Travis Baily Says:[/quote]

[quote]Definitely my go-to driver. I have the gold line plastic, and there isn’t a single major mark on it.It flies more consistently than any other driver I use, and stays in the air for what seems like FOREVER. I’d definitely recommend it to someone who has the arm strength to let it rip.[/quote]

Discraft Nuke SS – The super stable version of the Nuke is by far the highest rated. This understable high speed disc is the Nuke SS High Speed Max Distance Driverdistance answer for many disc golfers. It has 9 votes with a 4.67 rating.
[quote]Derek O’Neil says:

This is my go to disc! I can get more distance with this disc than any others in my bag! When new it will follow a beautiful S-curve and when it is broken in, you can release on a hyzer line and it will turn over for maximum distance. For beginners, this disc is excellent! For the long bombs, this is the disc.[/quote]
Discmania DD2 Frenzy – With flight ratings of 13/5/-2/2, the Discmania DD2 Frenzy is a far flyer but doesn’t have quite Speed 13 Discmania Frenzy DD@as much movement as the Nuke SS or the Katana. From 8 votes this disc has a 4.5 rating.
[quote]Whitefedora says:

My longest ace is with this disc. 374′ at seven springs hole 16! P line is my favorite for this disc. Great for hyzerflipping and one of the few 13 speed drivers I enjoy using. It’s definitely not for everyone, but if you must have a “warp speed” driver, this is the one to get![/quote]
Innova Katana – Based on the number of votes and reviews it received, the Katana is clearly one Innova Katanaof the most popular speed 13 drivers. This disc has massive turn, even bigger fade, and will fly all over the fairway. Perfect for certain shots where you need to curve multiple directions to weave around trees. From 9 votes, the Katana has a 4.44 rating.
[quote]Rakoz says:

Really a game changer for me. This disc taught this power thrower control. It can flip really easy but with the right touch it just sails. In the wind I keep a 175 champion and throw it about 5 feet off the ground so it doesn’t flip so fast and get a nice roller out of it (otherwise I’m throwing max weight destroyers). With room and no wind I’ve thrown this disc over 500ft multiple times. Master the Katana and you’ll add 50ft.[/quote]
Latitude 64 Halo – This is just a good overstable Latitude 64 disc, especially for powerful forehand/sidearm throws. From Halo5 votes, it has a 4.44 rating.
[quote]Joshuah Choate says:

Hands down my favorite disc in my bag. I throw primarily forehand and this is my go-to disc. This disc is over stable and glides like a true Lat 64 disc will do. I have been able to reach 470 ft with a forehand throw with this disc.[/quote]
Westside Giant – The Giant overstable driver is fast and overstable. It is probably less Westside Giant - Great frisbee golf driveroverstable than the 13/5/1/4 flight rating indicates, but is still overstable. The Giant is liked by the three voters, who gave it a 4.33 rating.
[quote]Mark says:

As an overstable distance driver this disc is actually very usable and strangely enough has very good glide. My preference for this disc is the Tournament plastic as I find the VIP to be very overstable. This disc is not afraid of winds for distance duties.[/quote]
Discraft Nuke OS – If you’re looking for a fast meathook, this is it. The super overstable Nuke will fade like no other. From Super overstable nuke5 votes, the Nuke OS has a rating of 4.2.
[quote]Stephen Volbruck says:

I don’t have a “Big” arm . But yet one of the most thrown Disc off the tee pad for me is a Discraft OS Nuke. I started Flicking for distance but found that as I was getting better at the flick I was flipping every thing over. So I got a Z plastic Nuke and that solved that problem to a point. But living here in Kansas with high winds I needed some thing even more stable that could turn back to the right and not head into the wind. Along came the Discraft Z Nuke OS and what a difference. I release this disc with a high anhyser and even in a 30 MPH wind that disc will turn back over and finish to the right . I also use this disc if I absolutely need to go to the left. I just throw it back hand with a little anhyser and let it do its thing .Great Disc.[/quote]
Discraft Nuke – As Discraft’s flagship distance driver, the Nuke isn’t loved by everyone. While most disc golfers consider it Discraft Nuketo be a “good disc,” most don’t consider it a must have. From 10 votes, the Nuke has a rating of 3.9.
[quote]Nate says:

If you have the arm for this disc, it will probably be one of the furthest flying discs in your bag. The thick rim can be tough to grip if you have small hands, however. It has a nice understable flight that gives a good amount of high speed turn before fading back nicely. Overall, this is a pretty good disc if you have the arm for it.[/quote]
To view, read reviews, and check flight paths of all 16 of the speed 13 drivers we carry, simply use the “find the perfect disc” search on the right, or click this link – Speed 13 Distance Drivers.

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