Best Speed 12 Distance Drivers

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A few years ago, speed 12 was as fast as it got in the disc golf world. While there are faster distance drivers on the market now, many advanced disc golfers still prefer drivers with speed ratings of 11 or 12. Speed 13 and 14 drivers always have ultra thick rims, at least 2.3 cm thick. Disc golfers with small hands generally don’t like wings this wide. Some of the speed 12 drivers have smaller rims, offer more control, and have overall higher ratings.

There are currently a dozen different distance drivers that we classify as “Speed 12” drivers. Here are the highest rated of these discs according to our reviewers. One interesting thing to note is that there aren’t any speed 12 drivers classified as understable. The Innova Tern which is scheduled to be released in early 2013 may fill this void.

Top Rated Speed 12 Disc Golf Discs

Innova Destroyer – This popular disc has almost three times more votes than any other speed 12 drivers, and most of Innova Destroyer - Top Rated Speed 12 Driverthem were very positive. From 14 votes, the Destroyer has a rating of 4.43. This disc is available in all of Innova’s standard plastics, and is recommended for all types of throws. Players are very appreciative of its manageable 2.2cm wing.

[quote]Bryson James says:

This is by far my favorite distance driver. I use a Champion Destroyer for Fore Hand max distance and Star Destroyers for Back Hand max distance. The rim of this disc is what makes is so awesome because it is so comfortable. If you have the muscle (over 400ft power) this is a must have disc. And this is also my first Ace disc![/quote]

Discraft Force – This very overstable driver has been rated a must have by all five voters. 5 Stars.

Discraft Force[quote]Stuart Autry says:

Do you have a big arm? Do you want to throw as hard and far as possible and know your disc is not going to flip over? This is your disc. Massive distance potential, massive glide, massive fade. This disc is not for the weak armed. This is a disc for the 400 foot drivers out there. Super fast, super consistent, super dependable. ESP is decently overstable, Z is monster overstable. Really excels at all things so long as it’s meant to go far and fade at the end. Big hyzers, big flex shots, hard core winds, it does it all.[/quote]

Westside Sword – This disc made by the Finnish Westside has a rating of 4.63 from 8 votes. Disc Westside Sword - Best Distance Drivergolfers describe this disc as “perfectly stable.” It is stable. It doesn’t turn over and doesn’t have a huge fade.

[quote]David W. says:

A great distance/control driver. I consider it to be both, as it has glide for days, fights wind, and will bomb as far as you can throw it. I also appreciate the consistency and control is provides. I’m throwing a VIP Sword further than any of my Destroyers, and I think this is due to the glide. Work in the disc, and watch it flex or hold any line you want it to. This disc instantly made my bag, and now is kicking out my beloved Destros.[/quote]

DGA Hurricane – This is DGA’s fastest driver, and at least a few people like it. From 3 votes, it has a rating of 4.67.

DGA Hurricane[quote]Nick Kohn says this about the Hurricane:

I found a first run of this disc at one of the local courses (with no name or number on it) and BOY am I glad I did!!! I’ve been told its like a Force but not as overstable. I was shocked at how far this disc went the first time I threw it.[/quote]

Innova TeeDevil – The powerful driver is fairly straight flying and mildly overstable. Several reviewers say the TeeDevil is their “go to” driver. From 5 votes, this disc has a rating of 4.0.

Star Tee Devil[quote]Reuben says:

This has been my go to side arm driver. Flies straight for me with a predictable fade at the end. Able to throw it about 350 feet. The Teebird started out too stable but has beat in to straight.[/quote]

To view all the high speed drivers for sale, use the sidebar link on the right and select “12” where it says Flight {Speed}, or click this link.

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  1. I have ordered the Distance Driver 12/5/0/3 twice and twice received 12/5/-1/0 a so-called cousin. Is there any company that sells the Distance Driver 12/5/0/3?????

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