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Best Midrange Discs

The Discraft Buzzz is by far the most popular disc on our website, and certainly one of the best midrange discs out there. No other disc has come close to receiving so many reviews. With that said, the Innova Roc is still very highly regarded, and while it hasn’t received as many reviews as the Buzzz, everyone has given it a 5 star, must have rating. It seems that when it comes to mid range disc, players prefer overstable.

[one_third][three_fourth]Innova Roc[/three_fourth][one_fourth_last]4/4/0/3[/one_fourth_last]
[three_fourth]Discraft Buzzz[/three_fourth][one_fourth_last]5/5/0/1[/one_fourth_last]
[three_fourth]Discraft Meteor[/three_fourth][one_fourth_last]4/5/-3/1[/one_fourth_last]
[three_fourth]Discraft Hornet[/three_fourth][one_fourth_last]5/5/0/4[/one_fourth_last]
[three_fourth]Latitude Fuse[/three_fourth][one_fourth_last]5/6/-2/1[/one_fourth_last]
[three_fourth]ABC Flying Squirrel[/three_fourth][one_fourth_last]6/4/-3/2[/one_fourth_last]
[three_fourth]Discraft Drone[/three_fourth][one_fourth_last]5/4/0/4[/one_fourth_last]
[three_fourth]MVP Axis[/three_fourth][one_fourth_last]5/4/-1/1[/one_fourth_last]
[three_fourth]Discraft Wasp[/three_fourth][one_fourth_last]5/5/0/3[/one_fourth_last]
[three_fourth]Innova Shark[/three_fourth][one_fourth_last]4/4/0/2[/one_fourth_last][/one_third][two_third_last]Best Midrange Discs on the Market[/two_third_last]

Feedback & Reviews on the Innova Roc:

[quote][one_half]What’s a Roc? The Roc is your new best friend. Let’s say you have a shot inside of 275′. What do you throw? By the time you read that, I’m surprised that a Roc hasn’t materialized in your hand. If confidence could be bought, it would be sold as a San Marino Roc. Hold off on the urge to send me thank you letters, as I am still going over the other thousands that pour into my mailbox everyday. Want lower scores, Roc it.

– Hampton

[/one_half][one_half_last]Best selling disc of all time. What more needs to be said? Ive thrown a vast majority of Mids and like these the most. They just are so consistent, handle wind, power. The rim feels great in the hand. Comes in a wide variety of weights and plastics. For the overstable slot no need to look further. Buy a Roc and be happy.

– Jared


Feedback & Reviews on the Discraft Buzzz:

[quote][one_half]… Throw it on a hyzer . . . you guessed it; it will hold the line. This disc is so lights out from within 325 ft. you’ll need night vision goggles to handle it. Beat it in, and it only flies straighter. I prefer Elite X or Z plastic, but Crystal, FLX, and ESP are just as lethal. With 11 Buzzz aces in the last two years, I’m so attached to this disc that I plan to be buried with one (as well as a copy of Abbey Road on vinyl)…

– Matt

[/one_half][one_half_last]…in all seriousness, this disc is pretty much magic. Whenever I’m at a hole that’s sub 250′, especially in the woods, I just whip out my buzz, Forehand or Backhand. It can hold a nice fade the whole way, or if I rip it harder it will go straight before fading off at the end. All in all my go to disc for anything short of a driver.

– Paul


Feedback & Reviews on the Discraft Meteor:

[quote][one_half]Best for slower hand speeds, gentle touch shots and turnovers under 300′. Somewhat interchangeable with a comet, however the meteor is more stable and has less glide than the comet. If thrown hard it won’t hyzer out, but on softer turnovers it will hyzer back or land flat. Decent mold for a variety of midrange situations.

– Alex

[/one_half][one_half_last]I don’t know if anything will ever replace my Meteor. It’s a good hyzer flip disc and if you throw it a little slower it will keep a straight line and not fade much. It also has the glide to travel a lot farther that you would think. I throw right hand back hand a lot (RHBH) and when I need to make a right hand turn on an approach and I need something more accurate than a forehand flick shot, this is the disc I trust. Also a good disc for beginners.

– Dan


Feedback & Reviews on the Discraft Hornet:

[quote][one_half]Imagine a Buzzz with less glide and more stability. That is a Hornet. Not for beginners. A good supplement to the Buzzz for windy days or sharp fades. Less fade than Discraft’s Drone or Wasp. If you don’t know what a Buzzz is, I would highly recommend purchasing one. A Hornet is probably closer to a new KC Pro Innova Roc than a Buzzz is…

– Jason

[/one_half][one_half_last]Powerhouse Midrange! Spike approaches and cut hyzer drives. Really handles torque and wind. I grab the Hornet out of my bag when I need throw with both power and control. Best of both worlds! Beefy enough not to glide past the basket. Reliable fade.

– Oscar


Feedback & Reviews on the Latitude 64 Fuse:

[quote][one_half]I love the Gold Line Fuse. Excellent hyzer-flip disc when that low/narrow tree line is right in front of you and there is not enough space to throw a high anhyzer. Very effortless disc. As mentioned above, take the time to learn this disc and you will be rewarded.

– Emechtech

[/one_half][one_half_last]I purchased a Gold plastic Fuse the same day as a Titanium Buzzz. I am throwing the Fuse for all my mid-range needs. Straight flight that I can count on with wonderful distance. Last week I hit an Eagle with it at Rosedale park in KC…GREAT DISC!

– Dale


Feedback & Reviews on the ABC Flying Squirrel:

[quote][one_half]The squirrel is a go to disc for me. I have only been palying for 2 years, but this disc has grown with me. At first the champion-like plastic gave the disc a slightly overstable path, but easily gave me added distance. Now that my game and throw has improved some, the squirrel really holds a nice line, and will turn over easily. This is one disc I would recommend to others.

– Jeffrey

[/one_half][one_half_last]Out of all of ABC discs, this is by far the best. It’s personally not bagged for me, but it is a great disc to learn on. It’ll give you easy distance and show you what high speed turn is and what a flight of a disc should be like.

– Whitefedora


Feedback & Reviews on the Discraft Drone:

[quote][one_half]Ive had the ‘Drone’ & ‘Buzzz’ since I started,& though fairly new to the game they’ve been my ‘bread & butter’ mid-range disc for both long hizer’s & forearm annie’s.It’s been dependable for me for me some nice birds.

– Kirk

[/one_half][one_half_last]A wonderful midrange for your most overstable needs. Fights hurricane like headwinds, and can be thrown on an anhyzer line for big sweeping S curve shots. Wider rim than a Buzzz and generally more domey profile. Somewhat of a utility mid but in base plastics can wear into a straight flight. If you need more than a Wasp can offer in stability pick up a Drone.

– Sean


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