Best Speed 10 Distance Drivers

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Disc golf drivers classified as “speed 10” are ideal for intermediate players. These discs are fast, but not so fast that they are difficult to control. For companies like Discraft that don’t give their discs speed ratings using Innova’s system, we have taken the liberty to estimate speed ratings for them. In total, there are 20 golf discs that we classify as speed 10 drivers. Overall, the more stable/overstable drivers are rated highest for discs of this speed.

Site visitors have rated the discs they use between 1 and 5 stars with five star discs being “must haves.”

Here are the top rated moderately high speed distance drivers:

Discmania PD Freak – The PD Freak is a highly recommended overstable distance driver for intermediate disc golfers. Discmania PD Freak - Best Speed 10 Overstable DriverThis is a superb disc for backhand throws with good snap, and forehand releases. From 5 voters, the PD has a rating of 4.8 stars. 

Joey Hale says:

I have been playing for a year and my distance tops out at about 350′. I throw RHBH. I have lately been trying to find overstable, controllable discs that won’t turn over on me, but also don’t fade too hard. In the last couple of weeks I have fallen in love with the PD. It is great for throwing straight in the woods and gets me more distance than a teebird. The PD is a lot like a faster teebird. I also use it for RHFH which I am still learning. Good forehand disc because it is overstable.

Discraft Avenger SS – When it comes to popular, and highly rated, the Avenger SS is the top rated speed 10 driver. This disc has Top Rated Speed Ten Driver - Discraft Avenger SSa high degree of understable turn, and is highly recommended for beginning disc golfers. From 9 votes, the Avenger SS has a 4.67 rating.

Derek O’Neil says:

This was one of the first discs I owned when I started playing disc golf regularly. It is a fantastic high speed driver. For those learning to play, this should be your first maximum distance driver! It will forgive errors and help you get a little extra distance. I still have one in my bag when I need anhyzer around obstacles, but still need a lot of distance. When thrown flat and straight it will give a nice S-curve (fade to the right, then hook back to the left) which gives the disc some extra distance.

Westside Northman – The Westside Northman is a stable flying speed 10 disc used for all types of distance throws. From Westside Northman Stable speed 10 driverfive different votes,  the Northman has a 4.6 rating.

Kyle Stauffer says:

This is my workhorse distance driver! I absolutely love this disc! It has a fantastic S-curve that just bombs. For me the flight pattern is extremely similar to the Innova Orc – my previous go-to driver. However, the glide on this disc is just ridiculous. The plastic is gorgeous and indestructible – what’s not to love? If there’s a knock on this disc, it’s that it is definitely form sensitive – if you don’t hit it clean it won’t perform properly for you. Also it needs some space to work as the S-curve flight is quite pronounced. All in all, I find it quite comfortable in the hand and great disc overall. In summary if you like the Orc you will LOVE this disc!

Innova Beast – The Beast is by far the most popular speed 10 driver on our site. It has nearly twice as many reviews Innova Beastas any other disc, and most reviewers recommend it. This disc is both understable and overstable, depending on your skill level. From 13 votes, the Beast currently has a 4.38 rating.

Reuben says:

If you are going to get in to the warp-speed drivers you need to take a stop with the Beast. Still one of my furthest discs to where I can push 375+ on a good throw. Great for hyzer flips and subtle s curves but and overall very workable disc. If I had to play a round with Just one max distance driver it would be a Beast.

ABC Secret Weapon – While the Secret Weapon hasn’t been used by very many players, the three people who have ABC Secret Weaponreviewed it claim that it is a must have. The Secret Weapon is available in very durable ABC Gold plastic, similar to Innova Champion. So far, this disc has a perfect 5-star rating.

David says:

This is such an understable beauty. It will flip right up out of a hyzer and glide til a fade at the end. Anything thrown on an Anhyzer will hold that line very well. It really fills a niche in my bag.

Discraft Flash – The Flash goes the distance for intermediate players. Reviewers love it for both Discraft Flash Distance Driverforehand and backhand drives. This disc is available in Discraft’s durable Z line plastic, as well as premium ESP. From 3 votes, the Flash has a perfect 5-star rating.

Oscar Johnson says:

I love control drivers. Use my mids a lot. But, when I need big distance I grab the Z Flash! It’s the only “High Speed” driver in my bag. Lots of bang with good control. Found it out drove all other drivers I’ve used and holds good lines. Stable enough to fight a head wind. This disc has a good sized rim (not too thick or thin).

If you’re an intermediate player looking for some great distance drivers, these are good discs to consider. Click this link to view all the discs for sale that we classify with a 10 speed. 

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