Ten Year Anniversary Edition Buzzz

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While we have long since sold out of the Tenth Anniversary Buzzz, there is a new Discraft collectors item the Midnight Buzzz that will be available soon.

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Sold Out
It was fun while it lasted, but this disc is sold out. If it’s the stamp that you care about then best of luck! If it’s the flight that you care about, then we’ve got a great selection of Buzzz’s right here.[/box]

10AnniversaryDiscraftBuzzzAccording to Discraft, “The Ten Year Anniversary Edition Buzzz will be the collector’s item of the decade!

The limited edition is in Elite Z blend of the original Buzzz Polymer Mix. They will be manufactured in the original colors: pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, and have the original wasp tooling.

Whether you’re looking for a collectors item, or just a great flying mid range with a cool stamp, the Discraft Buzzz is a winner. Check out the many ratings and reviews of the Buzzz here.

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