Discs to Get After the Starter Package

Frisbee Golf Sets
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After you have a starter set and know that you LOVE disc golf, you’re going to want to try more discs.

The “step up” package recommendation is designed for players who already have a beginner set, and like disc golf enough that they want to invest in a set of “clubs.” When you are new to disc golf and realize there are so many options, it’s hard to decide which discs you should buy.

The discs in this recommended package are friendly for new/intermediate players, and come in a variety of different plastics by three different manufacturers. These discs all offer different flight paths and feels. Experience six different plastic styles including drivers in durable premium plastics that will last for hundreds of throws. This post is designed with suggestions to help you pick the next discs you should get that will help you take your disc golf game to the next level

Recommended Discs to Try

Distance Drivers:

Innova Roadrunner *Champion Plastic – This under-stable beauty will provide you with what you seek most — distance.

Latitude 64 *Saint Opto-Line – Looking for glide? This stable Latitude 64 driver in ultra durable plastic sails like no other.

Innova *Star Destroyer – This high speed overstable driver is great for forehand throws and shots that need a big fade.

Fairway Drivers

Latitude 64 River – *Gold Line Plastic – The understable River is the perfect disc for learning proper throwing form. Like the Saint, this glides forever with minimal effort. This fairway driver isn’t just a great disc for new players, but perfect for fairway shots by players of all skill levels.

Innova Teebird – *DX Plastic – The highest rated golf disc on InfiniteDiscs.com. Pros swear by the Teebird for its control and consistency. The Teebird offers a nice overstable alternative to the River.


Discraft Buzzz *D-Line – The Buzzz is the most popular disc in the world — and for good reasons. This stable flying disc will react to whatever type of throw you give it.

Innova Roc *DX – Like the Buzzz, the Roc is raved by disc golfers all over the world. This disc is more overstable and perfect for those instances where you need a controlled hooking shot.


Innova Dart *DX – The Dart is a great putt and approach disc and has a straighter flight path than just about any other golf disc.

*In rare instances where we do not have an available disc, we reserve the right to substitute it for a different plastic type. When plastics types are substituted, the value of your package will always exceed the value of listed discs.