Latitude 64 Entry Set

Lat 64 Disc Golf Starter Pack
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If you want premium quality discs that are ideal for beginners, this is the set to get. Latitude 64 is a manufacturer out of Sweden known for its outstanding discs. These discs were designed specifically for beginners.

Mid-range discs are often neglected for beginners, so our beginner set includes a distance driver, fairway driver, and a putter. The Pure is a straight flying putter that also makes a great approach disc. The River is one of the top rated fairway drivers and glides more than any other disc. This is a fairway driver that will stay in your bag forever. The Diamond light is designed specifically for beginners and will provide new disc golfers with more distance than any other disc. Save  more than $6 by purchasing off our already great prices by purchasing these discs is a set.

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