Discraft Disc Golf Set

Discraft Starter disc Golf Set
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The Discraft Disc Golf is designed to be an introduction set to the game of disc golf. It comes complete with a putt/approach disc, midrange disc, and a driver. Each disc is highly recommended by our reviewers.

For the beginner, the plastic here is the most affordable plastic on the market, making the entrance into disc golf extremely low cost.

Discraft Disc Golf Set Includes

Putt/ Approach Disc – Discraft Magnet
A popular putt and approach disc in the world. A simple, steady, dependable putter that gets the job done.

Midrange Disc – Discraft Buzzz
The most popular midrange disc in the world. Designed for a stronger throw, and follows the same path of flight from start to finish. This is a disc you will keep forever.

Distance Driver – Discraft Heat
This understable driver is perfect for giving newer players what they want most — more distance! The Sidewinder provides excellent control, and minimizes fade that is so hard for new players to control. Excellent for beginners, and used by experts – a disc anyone keeps in their bag from the day it gets purchased.

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