Week 1 Disc Winners!

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We successfully got through our first day of free disc giveaways. Custom print Skyquest Medusa’s were given to 13 very deserving winners.

Our first winner was Andrew Justin Belet of Fountain Colorado. He was manually selected for his great reviews and Facebook interaction.

The second winner was Chad Jahnke, a random drawing for his review #75 on the Latitude 64 Saint. The ironic thing is that it was the only disc he actually rated. Talk about good timing. That disc has some pretty stellar reviews, I’m excited to test it out myself.

The third winner went to a Facebook fan drawing for fan #80 Heather Wentz. Our only female winner thus far. (Come on female disc golfers, lets get in the game!)

The fourth winner was selected from our Twitter followers. Nick Kohn of Grand Rapids, Michigan was the lucky winner there. He actually had more than a 14% chance of winning as he actually rated and reviewed 38 different discs.

The fifth winner was taken from disc reviews. The random number generator selected review #101, a review of the Latitude 64 Fuse by Steve Hill. This was the lucky 13th review by Steve.

Winner #6 was David Olson of Duluth Minnesota. The random number generator thought that Facebook fan #419 deserved to win.

The seventh winning disc was randomly selected from reviews again. That disc went to me, Alan Barker for review #272 of the Aerobie Arrow. After having reviewed 32 discs, I deserved it. I need a new Medusa after my last one landed on a roof. I had more than a 10% chance of being selected.

Mike Wilson of Keizer Oregon was our eighth winner of the day. Mike was just so positive by complementing all our other winners, we decided he should be a winner.

Winner #9 was a review #50 Nick Kohn!, but since he was our Twitter winner, he was disqualified. Then #60 was selected which was Alan Barker, also disqualified. The real winner came as reviewer #62 Sean Steele on his review of the Discraft Avenger!

Our final winner of free plastic Monday was a random selection of Facebook fan #24 Rick Smith.

Congratulations winners. Enjoy your new discs.

For those of you who want to win, we still have 47 more Skyquest discs to give away so don’t give up.

The best odds of winning are by rating discs and writing reviews on our site. We plan to announce a new winner, and the criteria for the next days giveaway every business day until our stash runs out.

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