Infinite Discs Starter Set

Best Disc Golf Starter Set
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This package includes some excellent discs for beginners that you won’t find at the average sporting goods store. The driver comes in higher grade plastic that is built to last

Infinite Discs Starter Set Includes

Putt/ Approach Disc – Myth
Many players love the extra control they can get from a big beaded putter. The Infinite Discs Myth is a straight flyer that offers exceptional control. This disc has limited glide which helps keep you from overshooting the basket by too far.

Midrange Disc – Anubis
The D-Blend Anubis is an understable midrange, which means that for new players it will fly farther and fade less than other discs. It comes in DX plastic, which is very grippy and easy to throw. This midrange will get more distance than drivers for youth and players developing their form. A great straight shooter that can help you learn to throw properly and develop more distance.

Distrance Driver – Sphinx
As players get more experience, nothing will fly farther than the Shinx. This high speed distance driver is incredibly easy to throw and has a healthy amount of fade at the end of flight. Beginner sets rarely come with distance drivers this fast.

Places to Purchase the Infinite Discs Three Disc Starter Set:

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