Innova Classic Roc

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This putt and approach disc feels like a classic golf disc should. The Classic Roc shares the “Roc” name, but this is a completely different model. It’s a slower speed disc, classified as a putter, and is shaped much differently than the actual “Roc” discs.

The Classic Roc has a fantastic feel to it and is a favorite among Frisbee players learning disc golf. This disc is available in inexpensive DX plastic in weights from 150-175 grams.

Innova Classic Roc

Innova Classic Roc Dimensions

  • Innova Classic Roc Diameter: 21.2cm (97.87% of average)
  • Innova Classic Roc Height: 2.0m (99.65% of average)
  • Innova Classic Roc Rim Depth: 1.2cm (101.95% of average)
  • Innova Classic Roc Rim Thickness: 0.9cm (62.89% of average, 104% of average Putter)
  • Available Weights (DX): 150-175g

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