Innova Classic Roc

This putt and approach disc feels like a classic golf disc should. The Classic Roc shares the “Roc” name, but this is a completely different model. It’s a slower speed disc, classified as a putter, and is shaped much differently than the actual “Roc” discs. The Classic Roc has a fantastic feel to it and…Read more

Lightning #3 Hyzer

Blue #3 Hyzer

The #3 Hyzer by Lightning is a very, very overstable disc with flight ratings of 4/4/0/4. Use this disc on midrange shots which need to hook right into the target. This disc is also excellent for beginners, as the disc can come in lighter weights. This disc is no longer available. Lightning #3 Hyzer Dimensions:…Read more

Innova Ape

Purple Ape

As a super-overstable high speed driver, the Ape isn’t made for everyone. Unless you can drive more than 400 feet, this won’t provide maximum distance for backhand throws. Designed for ultra power throwers, headwind shots, and dogleg fades, The Ape lives up to its name. As a power driver, it is available only in the…Read more