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Innova Aviar-X (JK)

Yellow Aviar-X (JK)

The Aviar-X JK (Juliana Korver) is a version of the popular Innova Aviar that brings great results. This is a “big bead” putter, meaning there is a bump or bead on the inside rim. This disc comes in soft Pro plastic. The JK Aviar is softer than the Yeti Pro, but more firm than the…Read more

Innova Classic Roc

This putt and approach disc feels like a classic golf disc should. The Classic Roc shares the “Roc” name, but this is a completely different model. It’s a slower speed disc, classified as a putter, and is shaped much differently than the actual “Roc” discs. The Classic Roc has a fantastic feel to it and…Read more