Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: I don’t have PayPal, how do I buy from you?

A: While all transactions are pushed to a PayPal Portal, PayPal is NOT required to purchase. Read the directions right here.

Q: Why PayPal?
A: PayPal’s processing fees are the lowest. We also get lower shipping rates and free shipment tracking. We pass the savings on to you. If we used any other payment portal, we would be forced to raise prices.


Q: What are your shipping rates?
A: The first disc is only $2.81. Each additional disc is just $1.98.
A note from the owners: While these shipping prices may add up, they are still relatively low. What Infinite Discs charges for shipping does not fully cover the cost on our end. Once the cost of postage and materials are calculated in, we about break even on shipping. Once the cost of time is calculated in, the cost of shipping runs in the red. So before you are enticed by any “free shipping” promotions elsewhere, consider the generously low cost of the discs which we provide.

Q: Free shipping?
A: Shipping is free on orders over $150. Read about it here.

Q: Can you expedite shipping?
A: Yes. Read about it here.

Q. Do you ship internationally?

Shipping overseas is very expensive, and is not currently an option in our online checkout. However, if you are willing to pay ~$30 for up to 3 discs and $50 for up to 9 discs, we can do a custom order for you. Email with your address and the number of discs you would like, then we can give you an exact quote on what international shipping will be for you.

Other General FAQ

Q: Am I receiving the disc in the picture?
A: Not likely. The picture was taken of that disc model, but not the specific disc which you are ordering. Pay attention to the color and the weight in the drop down menu when you select which disc to order.

Q: Do you offer any customer rewards?
A: Yes. Customers who have made previous purchases will receive information on promotions and will receive a discount code for future purchases.

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