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DiscReviewersOne of the features that makes InfiniteDiscs.com a great website is that we have reviews by actual disc golfers. While the newer discs don’t have multiple reviews, most of the discs currently on the site have been reviewed by many disc golfers.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the information necessary to make good disc purchasing decisions. We want to get new discs into the hands of people who will test and review them as soon as possible. We are compiling a list of  top reviewers, and will give them first dibs to new discs at huge, 30 – 50% discounts off retail price.

Being an InfiniteDiscs.com reviewer gives you:

1. First access to the newest discs on the market.
2. 30-50% discount on discs that need reviews.

For each new disc model we get, we will offer the special discounted price to 5 to 10 golfers in our review pool. When you receive your discs, we expect you to test and review them as soon as you can.

We want our site to have disc reviews by disc golfers from a variety of different skill levels and experience.

If you think you have what it takes to become an InfiniteDiscs.com reviewer, write a minimum of five quality disc reviews on their appropriate pages, then complete the form below:

[box type=”warning”]

Complete at least 5 reviews before completing the application.


Reviewer Process

Those approved as reviewers will be placed on an email list. Whenever we have discs that we want rated and reviewed, we will email those on the list with the names of the available discs, and a password to the discounted order page. A limited supply of discounted discs will be available on a first come, first serve basis for approved reviewers. We will likely release 4-8 new discs at the reviewer rate.

You are free to buy one of each available disc, under the stipulation that you will rate and review it within a month of purchase.

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