Midrange Disc

Axiom Theory

The Theory is an understable Axiom midrange, described as the perfect complement to the Alias. When thrown with a flat release and moderate power, the Theory will turn predictably with great drift. For newer disc golfers with limited power, the Theory is a very straight flying disc. Theory Dimensions: Diameter: 21.5 cm Height: 1.9 cm…Read more

Axiom Alias

The Alias is an excellent flying midrange that was one of the first discs released in the MVP line. While MVP rims are only available in black or white Eclipse glow plastic, the Axiom line will give disc golfer seven rim and fourteen core color options. A disc golfer could technically have 98 Alias’s that…Read more

Lightning #3 Hyzer

Blue #3 Hyzer

The #3 Hyzer by Lightning is a very, very overstable disc with flight ratings of 4/4/0/4. Use this disc on midrange shots which need to hook right into the target. This disc is also excellent for beginners, as the disc can come in lighter weights. This disc is no longer available. Lightning #3 Hyzer Dimensions:…Read more