9 Understable

Latutude 64 Jade

White and Purple Jade

The Latitude 64 Jade is the newest addition to the “Easy to Use” line. This beginner friendly driver is an excellent step up from to the popular Diamond. If you’re looking for a great driver that provides easy distance alongside easy control, this is definitely a disc you want to get your hands on. Jade…Read more

Westside Hatchet

White Hatchet

Part Underworld, part Hatchet. With a play off of the success of the Underworld using the same upper-mold, the Hatchet is raising eyebrows. Faster, and more stable, it may be a solid flyer for long distances. Hatchet Dimensions: Diameter: 21.3 cm Height: 2.0 cm Rim Depth: 1.2 cm Rim Width: 1.9 cm Max Weight: 176.00…Read more

Legacy Mongoose

Yellow Mongoose

The Mongoose is an understable driver providing newer disc golfers with easy distance. For the more experienced, this disc flies well for long turnover shot and rollers. Mongoose Dimensions Diameter: 21.2cm Height: 1.8cm Rim Depth: 1.2cm Rim Width: 1.9cm

Latitude 64 Fury

Orange Fury

The Latitude 64 Fury is a control driver similar to the popular and highly rated Saint, but slightly more understable. The Fury is often categorized as a cross between the River and Saint. This is another very popular control driver manufactured with the less powerful disc golfers in mind. The Latitude 64 River and Latitude…Read more

Gateway Assassin

Blue Assassin

The Assassin is the perfect distance driver for intermediate disc golfers. This long range driver will go the distance with a fairly straight flight path. The Assassin will experience a mild degree of high speed turn followed by a moderate end of flight fade. This disc is available in both Sure Grip and Evolution plastic…Read more

Innova Sidewinder

Red Sidewinder

The Sidewinder’s name says it all – this disc will spin over faster on release causing either an unintentional rolling throw or a flight that is much slower than anticipated. The Sidewinder is a go to for getting out of some tough and uncomfortable positions. Each Sidewinder plastic is also available in the slightly lighter…Read more

Innova Roadrunner

The Roadrunner is perfect for giving new disc golfers more distance. This disc has a high degree of turn (-4) and exceptional glide. For disc golfers who don’t regularly turn discs over, the Roadrunner will minimize fade and fly farther. The Roadrunner is one of a few distance drivers that comes in glow plastic. Adding…Read more