Innova Roadrunner

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The Roadrunner is perfect for giving new disc golfers more distance. This disc has a high degree of turn (-4) and exceptional glide. For disc golfers who don’t regularly turn discs over, the Roadrunner will minimize fade and fly farther.

The Roadrunner is one of a few distance drivers that comes in glow plastic. Adding to the awesomeness of the glow, it is available in glow Champion plastic – you’re going to have this disc for a long time. This disc will most likely see more play during the night than any other disc.

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Innova Roadrunner

Innova Roadrunner Dimensions:

  • Diameter: 21.1cm (97.41% of average)
  • Height: 1.4cm (69.76% of average)
  • Rim Thickness 1.8cm (123.04% of average)
  • Available Weights (Champion): 160-175g
  • Available Weights (Champion Dyed): 165-175g
  • Available Weights (Champion Glow): 165-175g
  • Available Weights (Star): 160-175g
  • Available Weights (Star Lite): 150-160g


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