9 Overstable

Dynamic Discs Escape

Lavendar Escape

The Escape is Dynamic Discs moderate speed driver. Because of the stability/overstability of this disc it works well for controlled and consistent fairway drives and wide open drives. It’s great for advanced and intermediate disc golfers. Escape Diameter: 21.1 cm (97.41% of average) Height: 2 cm (79.72% of average) Rim Depth: 1.1 cm (101.95% of…Read more

Innova Firebird FL

Blue Firebird

A less overstable version of the popular Firebird, the FL offers a straighter flight path and less fade. This distance driver is a great choice for sidearm throws that you don’t want flipping over. Though discontinued, we still have some in stock. However, we don’t know how long till they’re all gone, so get yours…Read more

DGA Riptide

The Riptide is an out of production overstable disc made for long drives that need to hook inward at the last moment towards a target. This disc provides a go-to for its strong hook. So long as you have mastered the power behind this disc and its strong fade. DGA Riptide Dimensions Diameter: 21.4cm (98.79%…Read more

Latitude 64 Striker

Orange Striker

The Striker is another great distance driver for intermediate players. Though it has a similar flight pattern to the popular Saint, it comes equipped with less glide. The major physical difference between them is that the Striker is not as tall (1.6cm compared with 1.9cm height). Striker Dimensions Diameter: 21.4cm (98.79% of average, 101.13% average…Read more

Millennium Orion LF

Yellow Orion LF

The Orion LF (Long Fade) is another good overstable driver in the Millennium lineup. This is a relatively fast disc (Speed 9), has a slight turn (-1), good glide (5), and a strong predictable fade (3). The Orion is available in all three Millennium plastics. Millennium Standard plastic provides outstanding grip and control for the…Read more