13 Very Overstable

Prodigy X1

No ratings yet. The Prodigy X1 is an incredibly overstable D-series prodigy distance driver. The X1 was only made available ONLY in Prodigy’s 750 series plastic. The X1 has a substantially thinner profile than other D-Series Prodigy Drivers. This disc is nearly half a centimeter shorter than the D1 standing just 1.5cm tall. The X1 has…Read more

Latitude 64 Stiletto

Whte Stiletto

No ratings yet. The new Latitude 64 Stiletto is said to be the most overstable Latitude 64 disc that will ever be made. It’s initial flight ratings indicate a turn of positive 1, and a fade of 6! Designed to help pros in the windiest of conditions, this disc eats wind for breakfast. If the…Read more

Discraft Nuke OS

Pink Nuke OS

No ratings yet. This is an extra overstable version of the popular Discraft Nuke, and is made for the players with powerful arms in mind. offering the same 2.5cm thick rim as The Nuke but finishes it’s flight with a sharp overstable fade every single time. Players who throw discs this hard are going to…Read more

Millennium Quasar

Blue Translucent Quasar

No ratings yet. The Quasar is the fastest and most overstable driver Millennium makes. This disc is very thin (1.6cm height) and has an ultra wide rim (2.5cm). The Quasar is a great choice for powerful disc golfers throwing backhand or forehand throws. While the Quasar is best suited for advanced players in its normal…Read more

Westside Giant

Orange Giant

No ratings yet. The Giant is a great overstable distance driver. This disc is fast and can handle even the strongest of ‘Giant’ throws. It is good for controlled curving and fade shots, flicks, and it will battle strong headwinds. Giant Dimensions: Diameter: 21.1 cm Height: 1.7 cm Rim Depth: 1.2 cm Rim Width: 2.3…Read more