Latest Releases: L64, MVP, & More

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[box type=”bio”][one_half]Upcoming Releases, Pre-Orders, SalesWithin the last week there has been a huge wave of excitement for the latest releases from several disc manufacturers. We are taking a closer look at each of these discs as they are released chronologically.



MVP Sale

Ending April 26, 2013

Every MVP disc available on the market is for sale until the end of day, April 26th while supplies last. Proton and Neutron plastic are both under $14 for just a short time. The average going rate for these discs elsewhere? Anywhere between $15 – $19 ($15 for Proton, and just under $19 for Eclipse).

So if you’re considering MVP, now is the time to capitalize on some great deals! View prices and product availability of this current MVP sale here: [/two_third][one_third_last][button link=”” type=”big”]MVP Sale[/button][/one_third_last]

Latitude 64 Fury

Available April 25, 2013

[one_half_last]Latitude 64 continues to amaze with the premium line of discs. This disc is described as a cross between the River and the Saint, as a “understable control driver with amazing glide.”[button link=”” type=”big”]Latitude 64 Fury[/button][/one_half_last]

Prodigy Putters

Available May 1, 2013

The Prodigy PA-1 and the Prodigy PA-4 putters are both scheduled to arrive early next week. Pre-orders for these are for the Series 400 Prodigy plastic, which is the same premium blend as Prodigy’s drivers and midrange discs. These discs remain at our same low price at $15.99.


Prodigy PA-1

[button type=”big” color=”green” link=””]Prodigy PA 1[/button]


Prodigy PA-4

[button type=”big” color=”green” link=””]Prodigy PA 4[/button]


MVP New Releases

Available May 5, 2013

The Tensor and Nano are MVP’s newest releases, and they are expanding their plastic options for the Tangent, releasing it in both Proton and Eclipse plastic. Pre-orders for each of these are currently on, and the MVP sale prices will remain in effect for these pre-orders until April 26th.


MVP Nano

[button type=”big” color=”orange” link=””]MVP Nano[/button]



MVP Tensor

[button type=”big” color=”orange” link=””]MVP Tensor[/button]



MVP Tangent

[button type=”big” color=”orange” link=””]MVP Tangent[/button]


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