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Current Feature: Prodigy D1


For the next few months we will feature a highly popular/ best performing disc every Friday. The purpose is to give away more plastic, offer a sale on a popular item, and expose the disc golf community to those truly fantastic discs.

[box type=”download”]The featured disc of the week will be announced on our social networks. To stay updated, make sure you follow us at at least one of the following:


Featured discs will be on sale during the entire week, and a free disc of your choice will be given away the following Friday to a lucky fan who writes a quality review.

All reviews of featured discs (positive or negative), including old reviews that already exist before they are featured are eligible to win. This means that the more discs you review, the greater your probability of winning! You never know when one of your favorite discs might become the Friday Feature.  If you have, or currently use the featured disc, you will especially want to take a few minutes to review it.

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We Want To Know:

Do you have a favorite disc you think should be featured?


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Already Featured Discs & Feature Friday Winners:

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