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Yellow Drone
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Unlike its stable cousin, the buzz, this is one of the most overstable midrange discs out in the market. Discraft gives the drone a stability rating of 2.5, thus this is a good midrange choice for advanced golfers and anyone who throws anhyzers strategically. This is a disc that isn’t going to spin over in a headwind.

The Drone is available in the inexpensive Pro-D plastic, as well as the strong and flexible premium FLX plastic.

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Discraft Drone

Drone Dimensions

  • Diameter: 21.5cm (99.26% of average, 99.77% average Midrange)
  • Height: 2.0cm (99.65% of average, 101.46% average Midrange)
  • Rim Depth: 1.3cm (110.45% of average, 101.81% average Midrange)
  • Rim Width: 1.5cm (102.54% of average, 117.90% average Midrange)
  • Available Weights: 164-176g

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