5 Overstable

Discraft Buzzz OS

The Discraft Buzzz OS is the more overstable brother to the most popular frisbee golf disc in the world, the Discraft Buzzz. This new OS frisbee has the same great feel disc golfers have grown to love, with additional stability. The Buzzz OS is ideal for those times when the wind picks. This disc is…Read more

Discmania MD3

Discmania MD3 Yellow

The new MD3 is a fast stable midrange that performs well in all weather conditions. This disc was designed for the player who prefers to have more power in his throws. As such this disc was made to handle hard throws. It won’t flip over and the flight will always end with a fade. This…Read more

Innova Shark 3

Yellow Shark3

Innova claims that the Shark3 is “faster and sleeker than the original Shark, the Shark3 is a stable midrange designed to attack the fairways. This predictable shot shaper features a smooth rim and consistent release. Rescue long approaches and circle the pin with the Champion Shark3. Unlike the original Shark, which is available only in…Read more

MVP Tensor

White Tensor

The new Tensor by MVP is an overstable midrange disc designed to withstand the power of the strongest throws. This midrange driver flies well in winds and offers excellent gliding for an overstable midrange. Though the flight path of the Tensor is very similar to the Vector, it has an entirely different feel to it….Read more

Latitude 64 Mace

Grey Mace

The Mace is the newest midrange in the Latitude 64 line. This is an overstable mid that can handle big arms, but can still be controlled by less powerful disc golfers. Latitude 64 says that they took the best of all their previous midrange molds to form the Mace, and that it is the perfect…Read more

Prodigy M1

Orange M1

The Prodigy M1 is an overstable reliable midrange that is perfect for powerful throwers who don’t want their disc flipping over. This is a consistent and reliable flier even in the trickiest wind conditions. M1 Dimensions: Diameter: 21.7 cm Height: 2.0 cm Rim Depth: 1.3 cm Rim Width: 1.4 cm Max Weight: 184.00 g Additional…Read more

Gateway Warrior

Red Warrior

This is the most overstable midrange in the gateway line. This is a slightly taller disc compared to the Karma, Mystic, and Element, and provides more of a slower, end flight fade. Gateway Warrior Dimensions Gateway Warrior Diameter: 22 cm Gateway Warrior Height: 1.9 cm Gateway Warrior Rim Depth: 1.2 cm Gateway Warrior Rim Width:…Read more

Gateway Karma

Blue Karma

This disc is one of gateways slightly overstable midrange disc with a wide diameter. It is less stable than the Warrior, but more overstable than the Element. This is a great disc for windy conditions and side arm throws. Gateway Karma Dimensions Diameter: 21.9 cm Height: 1.9 cm Rim Depth: 1.1 cm Rim Width: 1.4…Read more

Vibram Obex

Orange, Blue, and Pink Obex

The Vibram is an overstable midrange made with quality Vibram X-link rubber. This disc provides a smooth release and can handle powerful throws into headwinds. Vibram if this disc is thrown at 56 miles per hour it will fly for 380 feet. Most disc golfers don’t throw this fast. The reviewers at Inbounds disc golf…Read more