Christmas Ideas for Disc Golfers

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Christmas is just around the corner. Golf discs make great, affordable, Christmas presents. Disc golfers love trying different discs and gadgets that make their disc golf experience more enjoyable.

Here are a few ideas to help the non-disc golfer choose a winning gift for the avid disc golfer.

Disc Golf Discs

New Discs

Disc golfers love trying new discs. But with hundreds of different options to choose from, how do you know which Frisbee to choose? Here are a few of the most unique new releases of 2013.

Innova AtlasInnova Atlas – This double mold midrange not only looks and feels differently than any other disc, it also has very high reviews. Disc golfers of all skill levels have raved about the Atlas. This is a fun disc that even disc golfers who don’t like Innova want to try.

Vibram O-LaceVibram unLace or oLace – The unLace and oLace are the newest high speed Vibram drivers. The original Lace is still one of our top selling discs. If the person you’re looking to gift too is a less experienced disc golfer, you’ll want to go with the unLace. If your disc golfer is very experienced, consider the oLace.

Top Rated Golf Discs

If most disc golfers like a certain disc, your giftee will probably like it too. Our site allows you to search the top rated discs by using the 5 Star feature in our advanced disc search.

To narrow things down even more, you may want to try some of the more unique popular discs.

MVP-OrbitMVP DiscsMVP utilize something called ‘Gyro Technology.’ These discs are all very highly rated, look good, and fly even better. If your disc golfer hasn’t tried MVP yet — help them this Christmas. While all MVP discs are highly rated, the Anode and Tangent are among the most recommended.

Vibram DiscsVibram is the only manufacturer that makes their discs out of rubber. This compound is incredibly durable, grippy, and great for winter disc golf. If you haven’t seen any easter egg looking discs in your disc golfers bag, you might want to consider buying something Vibram for them.

Multiple Putters


Every disc golfer I have ever met wants to improve there putting game. Improved putting comes through practice, and the easiest way to practice is to have multiple putters of the same plastic and weight. Figure out what putter your disc golfer is using, and buy them 6-10 more.

Disc Golf Accessories

Golden-RetrieverDisc Retrievers

If your disc golfer regularly plays courses with water hazards, the Golden Retriever will help him rescue his most favorite discs. This ingenious device makes it easy to fish discs out of the water. It’s small, light weight, and effective.


The Original Disc BeeperDisc Beeper

The Disc Beeper is a new product that is ideal for disc golfers who play by themselves, and regularly visit new courses. This will save them lots of time and frustration, especially if they are testing out thickly wooded courses. If your disc golfer is a social player that primarily plays in organized events, this is probably not a good gift.

Disc Bags

IMG_2393If your disc golfer owns multiple discs, but doesn’t carry a bag, or uses something that wasn’t designed for disc golf, a small bag will make a great gift. My recommendation is the Innova Standard Bag.

For the disc golfer who has a small bag, but is now really getting into the sport (acquiring lots of discs, playing in organized events etc.), a larger bag or disc golf backpack is an ideal gift. From a disc golfers perspective, there is something very satisfying about being able to carry enough discs to satisfy any shot you might face.

Mach-Lite-BlueDisc Golf Basket

For that extra special someone, a portable disc golf basket is a great gift that will really get them excited. Portable baskets are ideal to help improve putting, and for setting up temporary disc golf courses. My recommended portable disc golf basket is the DGA Mach Lite.

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