Best Speed 7 Drivers

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To my surprise, the highest rated disc golf disc is a speed 7 fairway driver. The Innova TeeBird is the standard of excellence and nearly every driver is compared with this top rated disc. While it’s not the fastest disc, the TeeBird is loved for its accuracy, control, and ability to resist turning over. From twenty different voters, the TeeBird has a perfect 5 star rating. Every voter has said that this disc is a “must have.”  While there are 18 discs on our website classified with speed 7, only three of them have ratings above 4.5. Here is more information about the top rated fairway drivers as rated by our reviewers:

Innova TeeBird – The gold standard of disc golf drivers. This classic disc is found in the bag of thousands of serious disc golfers. Here

are some of the comments by the 20 voters who rated the TeeBird with a perfect rating of 5.0.
Innova TeeBird top Rated DiscSean Steele says:

Probably the smartest thing you can put in your bag for whatever skill level. If you’re a beginner a DX Teebird can be your max D overstable wind fighting driver. As you progress and get better you will get more in other plastics yet still love this disc. It’s the one disc I can reach for when I don’t know what else to throw and instantly give me confidence. Fights wind, bad form, and anything else you can do to make it not work and it still works. Best rating I can give for any disc.

Shane says:

I recently lost both of my TeeBirds in one round. I nearly quit the game of disc golf, not wanting to go on without the single greatest disc ever created. I’ve talked 2 friends into buying some and they’ve turned to it almost as much as I have. It’s the perfect problem solving disc that will help you out of any situation as well as give you added confidence to fire one down a narrow fairway. There’s really nothing this disc can’t do. Twas truly a dark day when they went missing. I mourned for the appropriate 5 days before getting back on the course.

Innova TL – A relative of disc golfs top rated driver, the TL (Teebird Less Overstable) has slightly less fade at the end of its flight. Not TL Disc Golf Discnearly as many disc golfers have experienced the TL, and from four votes, this disc has a rating of 4.75.
Clayton Upper says:

If you are ever stranded on a desert island, and that desert island for some reason has a ancient disc golf course, and you have one disc, this should be it. It is very versatile. It powers down nicely, so can be thrown mid range distance without a huge fade out. It can also be powered up nicely, especially on anny routes, to fall just a few feet shy of the big rimmers, with a lot more forgiveness. Beginner friendly and expert sexy.

Latitude 64 River – The River is loved for its amazing glide. For newer disc golfer, this disc will fly farther than anything else. While it Lat 64 Riverglides farther, the River is “touchier” than the TeeBird, and it doesn’t have as high of rating. From 14 votes, the river has a rating of 4.5.
Kyle Cook says:

My current driver of choice, especially in the Gold Line plastic. Not only do these discs look AWESOME, they fly great. You can easily put the River on a variety of lines, and count on it to finish reliably every time. I like to throw disc on a straight line and just let the disc do the work The pearl look to the Gold Line is an added bonus.


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