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Innova TL3

Innova TL3 Frisbee Golf Disc

The Innova TL3 is a slightly modified, faster version of the Teebird Long frisbee golf disc. Innova says: “The GStar TL3 is the evolution of the TL. Much like the longer faster TeeBird3, the TL3 has a bit more speed and a little less glide for more control. Think: TeeBird control, straighter flight AND finish.”

Innova TeeBird3

The worlds most popular fairway driver now has a new enhanced mold. The all new TeeBird3 is a sleeker, faster, version of the stable fairway driver hundreds of thousands of disc golfers have learned to trust. The TeeBird 3 frisbee golf disc utilizes a flatter top than the original TeeBird. It is slightly faster (speed…Read more

Discraft Mantis

Pink and White Discraft Mantis

The Mantis is a reliable fairway driver released as the 2013 Ace Race disc in Titanium plastic. The Mantis gives us a straight flight path with a comfortable feel and an excellent glide. The later runs have slight variations in that they have a slightly lower profile and has a bit more dome to it,…Read more

Gateway Apache

Orange Apache

The Apache is a super-straight control driver made by Gateway. This disc is sure to be an easy to control flyer. The Apache is available in both Sure Grip and ultra durable Evolution plastics. Both these plastics are durable and will be able to handle a lot of throws before their flight path is altered….Read more

Gateway Sabre

Purple Sabre

The Sabre is a pretty straight flying fairway driver manufactured by Gateway. With a mild degree of high sped turn and minimal end flight fade it’s no wonder that beginners like this disc. The Sabre is no longer in stock. Keep an eye on InfiniteDiscs.com to see if it returns. Sabre Dimensions: Diameter: 21.2 cm…Read more

MVP Shock

Blue Shock

The Shock is a thin fairway driver that is supposed to be more stable than the Volt, and offer excellent glide. The Shock turns less, but has a more than average fading throw than the aforementioned Volt. For power throwers that find the Volt flippy, the stability the Shock offers is why this is a…Read more

MVP Volt

Blue Volt

The MVP is a straight flying disc which tends to be slightly overstable. Depending on the amount of snap when thrown, the Volt can have a decent fade at the end of its flight. The GYRO Technology in this disc makes it the goto for long, tight fairway throws. The disc is also designed to…Read more

Latitude 64 Vision

Orange Vision

The Vision is a great fairway driver for newer disc golfers, and is a great way to experience the quality of latitude 64s’ discs. This disc is understable and gifts us with a perfect combination of speed, turn, and glide to give players the maximum distance. When thrown with enough power, the flight pattern of…Read more

Discraft XS

Yellow XS with Purple Markings

The XS held the world distance record in 2001. this relatively stable flying fairway has a stability rating of 1, so long as it’s in the Elite X plastic. This disc is a consistent flyer for beginners and intermediates alike. The XS is available in the mid grade Elite-X plastic as well as the clear…Read more

Discraft XL

Red XL With Gold Markings

Looking for a straight flying, accurate fairway driver? The Discraft XL is a stable distance driver you may want to consider. In Pro-D plastic, Discraft gives the XL a stability rating of 0, meaning the overall flight path is going to be straight. In this plastic, the XL lowest weight comes in at 150 grams….Read more