7 Understable

Prodigy F7

Blue F7

No ratings yet. The Prodigy F7 is a very understable fairway driver that is great for beginners. This disc utilizes Pordigy’s easy release technology and comes in the 400 series plastic, making this a great medium speed driver. Prodigy recommends this disc for recreational turnover shots, rollers, and players. Prodigy F7 Dimensions Diameter: 21.3cm Height:…Read more

Legacy Patriot

Purple Patriot

No ratings yet. The Patriot is a new understable fairway driver that is a great compliment to the Legacy line of discs. This disc brings outstanding control for beginners and golfers with slower arm speeds. For new golfers looking for a disc that can give straight drives, then the Patriot is the one you want….Read more

Westside Underworld

Orange/Red Underworld

No ratings yet. The Westside Underworld is the ideal driver for beginners. This understable disc has a high degree of high-speed turn, followed by minimal low-speed fade. It has a moderate sized 1.9cm rim, and a comfortable feel that provides new disco golfers with more control and distance than most other discs. For more experienced…Read more

Latitude 64 River

Blue River

No ratings yet. The River is one the highest rated fairway drivers. It has incredible glide and is a great driver for beginners. Latitude gives this disc an impressive glide rating of 7,which is higher than any other disc golf disc made. Intermediate and advanced players will be pleased with the accuracy and consistency the…Read more

Lightning #1 Slice

White #1 Slice

No ratings yet. The #1 Slice is one of Lightnings faster understable drivers. This disc will maintain its turnover flight for power throwers, and experience a helix S-curve for intermediate disc golfers. In the standard Lighting plastic, the #1 Slice floats in water, so long as it is less than 170 grams. This disc is…Read more

Lightning #1 Driver

Yellow #1 Driver

No ratings yet. The #1 driver by Lighting is a stable flying fairway driver with medium speed, so it won’t get away from newer players. This disc has some turn, fade, and an overall relatively neutral flight path. This inexpensive disc is good for beginner and intermediate players, and comes in weights as low as…Read more