4 Overstable

Yikun Yao

Blue Yao

The Yikun Yao is a solid midrange disc available in Phoenix Line plastic. This is a solid all-round mid range, and it has an excellent feel. The Yao is a midrange with a stabel flight and a consistent end of flight fade. Yao Dimensions: Diameter: 21.6 cm Height: 1.9 cm Rim Depth: 1.4 cm Rim…Read more

Prodiscus Jokeri

White Jokeri

The Jokeri is a popular, highly rated putt and approach disc made by the Finnish disc manufacturer Prodiscus. This is a tall bulky disc with a flat, almost concave tip. The Jokeri is a very popular disc for short putts as well as long drives. The Prodiscus Jokeri is a reliable overstable disc that gives…Read more

Dynamic Discs Suspect

Gold Suspect with Blue markings

The Suspect is a unique versatile disc in the Dynamic Discs line. This is a relatively slow midrange with a small diameter. Coming in at a height of only 1.6cm, this is a thin disc even for a midrange. The Suspect is a very overstable disc ideal for windy days and powerful throwers. According to…Read more

Innova Shark

Purple Shark

The Shark is an excellent beginner disc. Many boast that this disc holds a fantastic line, while the throwing style of others can create an extremely sharp fade towards the final stages of flight. The Shark is made to be a heavier blunt disc, which is less likely to be deflected by twigs and such….Read more

Innova Roc +

Red Roc+

The Roc+ is an all around great midrange disc. If your going out with only one disc this should be your go to.Because of its low speed it can be used as a putter but it can also double as a distance disc if hurled, because of its fantastic glide and steady fade. The Roc+…Read more

Innova Roc

The Innova Roc is one of the top midrange discs in Frisbee Golf. Due to it’s popularity, there are many different variations of it and it is available in dozens of different polymer plastic blends. Unlike most of our top rated midrange discs listed, the Roc is somewhat overstable which is excellent for control, but…Read more

Innova King Cobra

American Flag King Cobra

The King Cobra is a slightly overstable midrange that was created with power players in mind. This disc is almost identical to the Cobra, but won’t turn like the regular Cobra. The great feel gives more confidence and leads to more accurate throws. The King Cobra comes in durable Champion plastic that will maintain its…Read more

Latitude 64 Pain

Purple Pain

Let your opponents feel the Pain as your score lowers from this great midrange. The Latitude 64 Pain is an overstable midrange that is a great choice for powerful players. When throwing into a headwind as an intermediate player, this disc proves to be valuable. Pain Dimensions Diameter: 21.7cm (100.18% of average, 100.70% average Midrange)…Read more

Lightning #3 Hookshot

Purple Hookshot

The third Hookshot in the Lightning lineup is recommended for throws from 250 to 300.’ The overstableness of the #3 Hookshot allows the disc to remain stable even when facing unexpected wind gusts. This disc is more of a midrange than it is a driver, and floats in water, so long as it weighs less…Read more

Legacy Ghost

Yellow Ghost

The Ghost is an overstable midrange disc with a healthy amount of glide. While it was designed to be a “straight flying” disc, The Ghost comes with a substantial low speed fade. This disc is good for accurate approach shots, just make sure to account for the hooking flight pattern. The Ghost is a available…Read more