14 Overstable

Latitude 64 Missilen

This new Latitude 64 Missilen (Swedish for Missle) is a unique new distance driver that features hexagonal cavities on the disc designed to help reduce drag. The shape of this new disc combined with the new technology will help this driver fly like a missle with unmatched end of flight speed. This very well could…Read more

DGA Torrent

DGA entered the warp speed driver market with the introduction of their disc The Torrent. This distance driver proves to be really fast, with a 14 speed and a really thick rim. DGA says that this disc is easily the fastest in their lineup and they say this disc will “amaze with its speed out…Read more

Legacy Rampage

Blue Rampage

The Rampage is one of THE FASTEST distance drivers on the market…. period. This is one of only two discs that has received a staggering speed rating . The Rampage is not only fast, but it has excellent glide (5), a moderate degree of high speed turn (-1), and a substantial degree of fade (4)….Read more

Westside King

Blue King

The Westside King is one of the FASTEST golf discs on the market. While this disc is most certainly over-stable, it has a decent amount of turn, allowing for this disc to glide and fly further than most of the discs that fly this fast. The King is a good choice for intermediate and advanced…Read more