13 Stable

Westside Sorcerer

Blue Sorcerer

No ratings yet. The Sorcerer is an ultra fast and stable distance driver that has been made to fly at great speeds. Sorcerer Dimensions Diameter: 21.2cm Height: 1.6cm Rim Depth: 1.1cm Rim Width: 2.3cm Rate This Disc Rate This Discs

Discraft Crank

Discraft Crank Green

No ratings yet. If you’re a “Big Arm” golfer who wants the right combination of stability and speed then this is the disc for you! The crank has been described as “A cross between the Nuke and the Nuke SS.” This disc has a stability rating of 1.3, just overstable enough to let you “Crank”…Read more

Gateway Samurai

Yellow Samurai

No ratings yet. The Samurai is an ultra-high speed distance driver moderate turn and low speed end flight fade. The Samurai is one of Gateway’s farthest flying PDGA approved  discs. For the newer disc golfers this disc reacts like an overstable disc. For experienced players, it makes a good turnover driver. The Samurai is perfect…Read more

Prodigy D3

White D3

No ratings yet. With a height of just 1.7 centimeters, the D3 is Prodigy’s thinnest disc. Like the D1 and D2, this is another ultra fast driver with a 2.3cm wide rim. The D3 is a stable flying driver that gives incredible glide. This disc can flip on hyzer throws but it’s stable enough that…Read more

Vibram Lace

Orange and white Lace

No ratings yet. The Vibram Lace was the first distance driver released by Vibram, and is one of the fastest, straightest flying high speed drivers that was on the market. According to information from inBounds Disc Golf, this disc is supposedly, the farthest flying disc on the market. This disc is no longer available. Lace…Read more

Innova Katana

Lime Green Katana

No ratings yet. The Katana is an amazing high speed distance driver with some major turn and fade. The Katana will slice through the air like a katana. This speed 13 driver comes equipped with an incredible high speed turn (3) which is followed by a major low speed fade (3). Innova says this disc…Read more

Innova Dominator

White translucent Dominator

No ratings yet. A high speed driver with an extra wide rim, the Dominator, will flat out provide more distance as you use it to your advantage. This disc turns, fades, and glides. The Dominator was newly released in 2012 and lives up to its name, for both intermediate and advanced golfers, it truly does…Read more

Gateway Slayer

Translucent Blue Slayer

No ratings yet. The Slayer is a fairly stable flying, high speed distance driver. Due to its thick rim allowing for better grip, this baby will sail over 400 ft for powerful disc disc golfers!. This disc will turn, but stable enough that it hardly ever flips over. The Gateway Slayer is available in ultra…Read more

Latitude 64 Bolt

Yellow Bolt

No ratings yet. The Bolt is one of the best distance drivers for players who can take advantage of power and flick. This disc has an incredible glide, high speed turn, and substantial low speed fade. Throw this disc at a slight anhyzer angle, watch it recover, and be amazed at how far it will…Read more

Innova Groove

Blue Translucent Groove

No ratings yet. The Groove is a stable flying, ultra high speed driver that provides maximum distance. The unique thing about the Groove, and the reason for its name, is the groove around the underside of the rim. While this high speed driver has a thick rim (2.4cm), the void of plastic around the wide…Read more