13 Overstable

Vibram Solace

Red and Blue Solace

Like the Lace, the Vibram Solace is a wide rimmed distance driver with a 2.4cm wing. This disc has the same diameter and rim depth, but is slightly thinner than the popular Lace. For many Vibram Fans, there is a Vibram hole in the bag as the O-Lace is just not overstable enough. The Solace…Read more

Yikun Da’E

Translucent Da'E

The Yikun Da’E is an ultra fast overstable driver. This disc works well for forehand drives and is an excellent choice for advanced players who are searching for the max distance. The Da’E has a very wide rim and boasts of being the best wind fighter in Yikuns line. DA’E Dimensions: Diameter: 21.0 cm Height:…Read more

Prodiscus Legenda

Green Legenda

The Prodiscus Legenda is a thin, ultra fast driver that is included with a thick rim. This overstable disc is Prodiscus fastest driver out of all of their drivers. For big arms, the disc will slightly turn before executing a long and gradual end flight fade. Legenda Dimensions: Diameter: 21.1 cm Height: 1.5 cm Rim…Read more

Prodigy D2

Green D2

As the second distance driver in the all new Prodigy line, the D2 is very similar to the D1. This driver has the same diameter, height, rim depth, and wing length.Thanks to it’s 2.3 cm wing it is a very fast driver. The Prodigy D2 is supposed to be an overstable disc, but not quite…Read more

Prodigy D1

Yellow D1

The Prodigy D1 is an overstable, ultra high speed driver – we’ve given it a an astounding speed rating of 13 using the Innova system. Like all very high speed drivers, the D1 has a thick (2.3 cm) rim. Though the rim is considered thick, it is not quite at  PDGA’s maximum width. The Innova…Read more

Innova Dominator

White translucent Dominator

A high speed driver with an extra wide rim, the Dominator, will flat out provide more distance as you use it to your advantage. This disc turns, fades, and glides. The Dominator was newly released in 2012 and lives up to its name, for both intermediate and advanced golfers, it truly does allow you to…Read more

Latitude 64 Havoc

Yellow Havoc

The Havoc is an overstable high speed driver that provides good forehand throws for intermediate players, and good backhand throws for advanced disc golfers. The flight path of the Havoc has a slight degree of turn (-1) but strong fade (3) at the end of the flight that balances out those strong snapping releases. This…Read more

Latitude 64 Halo

Pink Halo

The Halo is the premium distance driver for power throwers. This is an ultra high speed (13) overstable driver and will provide maximum distance for the most powerful arms. This is a very thin (1.4 cm) disc, but has a very wide rim (2.4mm) to produce even more speed and distance, allowing for Latitude 64…Read more

Discraft Nuke

Yellow Nuke

The Discraft Nuke is one of the most popular distance drivers in the world. This is a fast flying driver with an ultra-thick rim(2.5cm) and maintains its maximum speed for a long time. This is an ultra fast and relatively stable disc for power throwers, The discraft Nuke has recieved a Discraft stability rating of…Read more

Legacy Rampage

Blue Rampage

The Rampage is one of THE FASTEST distance drivers on the market…. period. This is one of only two discs that has received a staggering speed rating . The Rampage is not only fast, but it has excellent glide (5), a moderate degree of high speed turn (-1), and a substantial degree of fade (4)….Read more