11 Very Overstable

MVP Motion

The The MVP Motion is a flat, very overstable frisbee golf disc driver. This disc is great for forehand flicks and big curving skips. There was a limited release version of this disc, featuring the image and signature of Mr. Albert Einstein himself. MVP Motion Dimensions MVP Motion Diameter: 21cm MVP Motion Height: 1.4 cm…Read more

Gateway Spirit

White Spirit with red markings

Want a super overstable disc that wont flip over? Then the Spirit is the disc for you. With its positive turn comes a monster fade. To many, this disc is a meat hook meaning that it turns really hard and hits the ground at sharp, high speeds. This disc can definitely handle the wind and…Read more

Gateway Speed Demon

White Speed Demon

The Speed Demon lives up to its name as it is a fast, super overstable meathook. Like the regular “Demon”, the Speed Demon one ridiculously overstable disc. This disc happens to travel a lot farther for those of us with longer arms. The Speed Demon is a good disc for headwinds, forehand throws, and dogleg…Read more

Innova TeeRex

Purple Trex

A very overstable driver for monster throws, the TeeRex has the high speed and stability that power throwers crave. This is a good disc for forehand throws, windy drives, and strategic fading shots. The Innova TeeRex is no longer in stock. Our apologies for the inconvenience. TeeRex Dimensions Diameter: 21.1cm (97.41% of average) Height: 1.7cm…Read more

Innova Max

Red Max

The Max is another very overstable distance driver that is guaranteed not to turn over, no matter the wind conditions. If you are an experienced player who tries for anhyzer flex shots and spike hyzer throws, then this disc should definitely be one in your arsenal. Max Dimensions: Diameter: 21.2 cm Height: 1.9 cm Rim…Read more

Discraft Pulse

Orange Pulse

The Pulse is designed to be a fast flying disc, great for forehands throws made by average players. This is a very overstable disc that has an average sized rim compared with other distance drivers. This disc is ideal for power throwers with a lot of snap in their throws. Discraft gives it a stability…Read more